Heat Treatment Business

What is Heat Treatment Business?

The durability of the mold is improved by surface treatment.

Types of heat treatment business

Nitride mold processing technology

HPN treatment (Hanguk Plasma Nitriding)

Heat Treatment Business Features

- With the existing nitriding treatment, modifying the mold is difficult due to the chemical compound layer of the mold.

- HPN mold processing is a nitriding technology that generates only the diffusion layer, making it easier to modify the mold (weldability)

- Uniform nitriding on large-scale 3 dimensional mold is possible

- Mold life is increased by more than double through surface modification.

  • 100% improvement of surface hardness

    30HRc → 55HRc(KP4)

  • Nitride hardened layer


  • Equipment Size

    (10m(L) X 6m(W) X 4.2m(H))