Hanguk Mold Co.,Ltd, a company that contributes to the society with sustainable development and management policy that pursues the happiness of employees who are the internal customers, has a 2026 long-term vision blueprint as follows

A company that
creates a happy society
and future value

Strategic goals

  • Achieving sales objective of 500 billion won,
    and reaching 15% in operating profit levels

  • Strengthening corporate competency by
    “Select and Focus” approach

Corporate Strategies

  • Operating a
    management system for

  • Strengthening global
    marketing by
    the business

  • Integrated management
    of quality,
    research and management
    to enable new
    growth momentum

  • Quality management
    to maximize both
    customer satisfaction
    and profitability

  • Investment to
    employee welfare for
    improved level of
    organizational happiness

Business Strategies

  • Ulsan Headquarter and Plant #1

    - Special mold, new technology and new method mold development
    - TOTAL engineering services [Product design to manufacturing technologies]
    - International production expansion through international Joint Venture

  • Ulsan Plant #2

    - Expansion of accessories business (New Product Development)
    - Expansion of automotive Parts mass production business
    - Secure global customer base
    - Secure manufacturing technology of specialized product

  • Kimje SMC Factory

    - Achieve a leading global SMC corporate position
    - Launching our own brand (roof cover, accessory, etc.)
    - Enter aftermarket business

  • Jeonju material research center

    - Development of industrial composite material (develop UV-GRP)
    - Fostering personnel with expertise in materials / secure production technology
    - Development and mass production of high-strength & fast-setting raw materials

  • Integrated management

    - Efficiency management for internal stability
    - Improvement of competency of existing business by securing specialized technology
    - Development of new technology for establishing new businesses

Strategic initiatives

  • 01

    Establishing K-system
    and RMS development
    and management
    (computerization of tasks)

  • 02

    Reinforcing performance
    & reward management
    system for each division

  • 03

    Implementation of
    3-step quality
    management TQM

  • 04

    Optimization of
    manufacturing process
    (introduce Smart Factory system)

  • 05

    Operate personnel
    development programs
    (education / reading programs)