Materials Business

What is a materials business?

The materials have an excellent mechanical strength and is used for automobile exterior parts and engine covers.
It is designed for mass production and the productivity is increased by reducing the molding loss.
Furthermore, we collaborate with our subsidiary ACM in R&D and supply business regarding ACM materials

About ACM production materials of Korea ACM Co., Ltd.

SMC(Sheet Molding Compound)

ACM is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic, a thermosetting intermediate molding material made by adding and mixing in a curing agent, a thickener, a releasing agent, a pigment, and a low shrinking agent to liquid resin, and then and impregnating a fiber reinforcement agent to process it into a 1~5mm sheet form. It is utilized in diverse fields for its excellent properties such as formability, strength, tinting ability and surface property

The type and characteristics of the materials

No. Material Description
1 A1200 N(for exterior) Applications: commercial vehicle flap door class "a" (OTR part)
Focus on smoothness of molded SMC
Approx. 28% glass fiber
2 A5500 NC(for interior) Applications: commercial vehicle flap door class "a" (INR part)
Focus on the strength of molded SMC
Approx. 28% glass fiber
3 A1400 GY(for engine cover) Applications: commercial vehicle engine cover
Focus on oil resistance, heat resistance, and impact of molded SMC
Approx. 32% glass fiber
4 A3000 NC(for cases of air conditioner) Applications: Air conditioner case of commercial vehicle
Focus on SMC Sheet flow and strength of the molded product
Approx. 30% glass fiber
5 UV – GRP (for insulation) Applications: Chemical, offshore plant industrial insulation
UV curing by use of photo-initiator
Approx. 20% glass fiber

Characteristics of Production Materials of Korea ACM Co., Ltd.

  • Mechanical

    The material is used for automotive exterior parts, engine cover with its excellent mechanical strength, and can be widely extended to variety of industries, including construction, electrical and electronics industries.

  • Excellent

    It improves productivity by reducing molding losses, and designed for mass production.

  • Electrical

    The material has electrical (insulation) property, which is suitable for electrical and electronic parts molding.

  • Dimensional

    The molded product has excellent dimensional stability, and can be rendered to have a smooth texture and beautiful, gliding surface.

  • Heat resistance
    and fire resistance

    Due to its high Heat distortion temperature, it’s less prone to aging by thermal deformation. Also it has excellent chemical resistance appropriate for its intended use.

Domestic Business performance

Year Material Name of vehicle Ordering company notes
2010 A1200nc Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Class “A”
2013 A1400 - Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Engine cover
2015 A3000 - Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Air conditioner case
2016 A5000 - Marine industry Class “A”