CEO Greeting

How do you do!
Thank you for your ceaseless interests and encouragement.

We at HANKUK MOLD are making all of the efforts for the technical development and customer satisfaction with the Management Ideology, “We consider human beings and promises very important by pursuing new things while seeing the future with big eyes”.
Our products are various from the complicated ultra-precision products to large ones for the interior and exterior parts of vehicles. And we are realizing the high quality and delivery in time by utilizing the CAD, CAM and CAE systems.
In addition, we are taking a lead for cultivating the sustainable management activities and the future foods through the consistent R&D and the development of new projects.
We ask your continuous support and interests in years ahead and all of our executives and employees will make the efforts to be the eternal partners for your company with our creative and sincere minds while having a hope for the new millennium.

Thank You.


    • Academic Background
    • Dongguk University Graduate School of Business
    • Career Background
    • 1982.12   Joined Hyundai Motor Research Institute
    • 1987.04   Left Hyundai Motor Research Institute
    • 1987.05   Founded Hanguk Model company
    • 1998.03   Converted to Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd.
    • Associated Organizations
    • Samsan Lions president
    • New Ulsan Palgak-hoi president
    • Kotra advisory committee ulsan region chairman Dalcheon Highschool regional committee member
    • Ulsan Trading Company council chairman
    • Awards
    • 2013.12   KOTRA Presidential Award
    • 2012.04   Korean Master Award by the Minister of Employment and Labor of Korea
    • 2008.12   Awarded by the Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration
    • 2008.12   Ulsan Metropolitan City Science and Technology Award
    • 2007.11   Awarded by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy for trade promotion
    • 2006.03   Recognition by the National Tax Service (exemplary taxpayer)
    • 2003.09   Received Ulsan Metropolitan City Proud Small and Medium Businessmen award