Job Introduction

  • Management Support Team

    We analyze the management environment and carry out various business affairs according to the change of the management environment and play a role of management support for the smooth progress of the whole organization.

    Job areas: Planning, HR, Education, Secretary, Finance, Accounting, Auditing

  • Sales Team

    We focus on overall project management and new customer creation. We are divided into two parts centering on the team leader, and are responsible for all orders from mold order to mold release.

    Job area: domestic sales, overseas sales, sales planning, schedule management

  • Purchase Team

    In order to secure competitiveness of the mold products developed by our company, we prioritize cost, quality and delivery time, and play a pivotal role both internally and externally through collaboration and harmony with various departments such as design, process and development.

    Job areas: purchase planning, process outsourcing, component purchase, partner management, IO / inventory management

  • Design Team

    The key purpose of this division is mold design for the creation of plastic injection mold. Our jobs include mold design, feasibility study, consultation with previous process, reflection of mold design. 3D / 2D design, quality problem analysis, problem resolution, standardization, improvement and work efficiency.

    Job area: research planning, mold design, 3D / 2D modeling design, quality analysis

  • Processing Team

    We handle all 3-axis ball and 5-axis processing by taking on the processing part which can be called flower of mold industry. We are replacing 3-axis machining with high-efficiency 5-axis machining in order to improve quality and shorten delivery time in line with the current market.

    Job area: metal processing, mold processing

  • Discharge Team

    Discharge processing refers to the process of achieving high-precision machining without contact. It is possible to process various shapes by using electrode, which can be done regardless of the hardness of material. This technology makes what NC processing alone cannot achieve possible.

    Job area: metal processing, mold processing

  • Assembly Team

    Consisting of 6 people per team, they assemble and assure quality of the finished mold. We are concentrating our efforts on raising safety consciousness for zero accident rate, compliance with deadline schedule for customer satisfaction, and clean working environment

    Job area: mold assembly, mold quality secure

  • Quality Management Team

    In accordance with the company's quality management policy, we aim to achieve continuous quality, reliability, and meeting quality targets with the realization of customer-driven quality management as our top priority. In addition, we will always try our best to comply with the requirements of quality management manual, recognizing that customer satisfaction is the basis of our growth.

    Job area: quality inspection, supplier quality assurance, process quality assurance, final shipment quality assurance, quality management system maintenance development