Quality Management

Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Has established a clear quality policy and implements it for quality management.

  • 01

    Achieve zero customer
    claims and reduces
    costs associated with
    nonconforming products


  • 02

    Establishment of
    quality assurance
    system for suppliers

Strategic Goals

Qualitative Goals

- Quality assurance of finished mold shipment

Quantitative Goals

- Cost reduction → Prevention of procuring bad goods

- Failure rate of partners → Inspection of imports and quality consultation with suppliers

- Reduction of cost related to nonconforming products → Operation of quality audit (prevention of recurrence)

Strategic challenges and key success factors

Plan Execution Improvement
Strategic challenges Mold shipment Quality assurance (by item) Process monitoring by item Report of the problem and feedback
Key Success Factors 1. Operation of quality audit
2. Establish quality management system for suppliers
1. Improvement activities for teams responsible
2. Quality consultation with suppliers
1. Sharing educational material for prevention of recurrence
2. Improvement of supplier processes