Automotive Parts

X61G(San Technique) exterior
Component used for car exterior design.
FS Guiderail (Pyeong-Hwa) interior
- Process flow: bolt insert - mold - injection - cooling - mold – blow out
- Bolt Insert Injection Method: Molding of Bolt Insert Injection for easy assembly
- This is a component for guiding the upward and downward movement of the door glass.
- Long glass fiber material is used to maintain the rigidity of the component, the use of plastic instead of previously-used metal enables cost reduction and simplified process
VF S/CVR (Yongsan) Gas Injection interior
- Process flow: Resin supply - Simultaneous gas injection with injection - Cooling - Extraction - Inspection of products (Confirmation of bending deformation according to gas input amount)
- Gas Injection Method: surface sink, product deformation, cooling, light weight product
A component to make the trunk space available for use.
RADIATOR GRILLE(Pyeong-Hwa Precision) interior
This item is mounted on the frontal bumper of the car to create a visual effect. FILM is utilized for simplified process, cost reduction, and eco-friendliness. Various luxurious patterns can be produced.