Safety Management

Safety Management Policy

Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. strictly observes the obligations stipulated by related laws for customers, employees, affiliated companies and public health and safety.
The company operates a safety management system to ensure the highest level of safety and ensures that the following matters are adhered to and make improvement if necessary.
The company operates in compliance with relevant domestic regulations and international standards.
We will employ qualified and skilled personnel and sufficient resources to achieve safety objectives.
We monitor and measure the safety accomplishment of the company through safety indicators and announce the results within the company.
We continuously educate and train employees to achieve workplace safety.
We operate an unlimited reporting system for safety.
We refrain from punishing acts reported by the voluntary reporting system.
However, in case of negligence or violation of law or procedures are punished as an exception.
We take preventative measures by identifying the root cause of the risk.
We implement the necessary measures for prevention, and systematically monitor the effectiveness of such measure for continuous improvement of the safety performance.
The company regards "safety" as the absolute top priority of management that cannot be compromised,
and fulfills its responsibilities and obligations in order to achieve the highest level of safety.

CEO of Hanguk Mold Co., Ltd. Ko, Ilju

Safety management activities

  • Occupational safety
    and health education
    (2-hours session,
    once a month,
    for all employees)

  • Process Safety

  • Management of
    heavy material
    of mold)

  • Firefighting

  • Daily safety
    duty system