30 Years history of HANGUK MOLD

Introduces the journey of HANGUK MOLD that has pioneered and challenged to
become the pride of manufacturing power of Korea from 1987 to present.

2016 2 Completed the construction of the Factory 2 within the Free Trade Complex in Ulju-gun, Ulsan-si (3,200 Pyeong)
2015 10 Certified as one KICOX leading company (from the Korea Industrial Complex Corp.)
2014 12 Received a 20 million dollar Tower on the 51st Trade Day (from the President)
2013 12
Won the Citation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
Received a 10 million dollar Tower on the 50th Trade Day (from the President)
2012 3
Hyundai-Kia Automotive Supplier's Best Quality Certification
Selected as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” by Ulsan Technopark
2011 4 Selected as a Star Company by the Korean Chamber of Commerce
2008 7
Move the Head Office to the Maegok Industrial Complex
Produced the world-first film insert product
2007 3 Established and operated the e_MES for Production Management
2006 6 Established MOTOS Co., Ltd., - Established the Partnership System
2005 12
Transition of ISO 9001 Quality System/ Operation of Computation for ERP
Opened the manufacturing factory for SMC Vehicle Parts (Kimje)
2002 3
Established and Operated the ERP for Work Computerization
Exhibited our product at Euro Mold, in Germany: Film Insert Mold
2000 1 Factory relocation to Dalcheon Agricultural Complex
1999 12 Registered as the Primary Partner Company of Hyundai MOBIS
1998 2
Introduction of CAE Analysis System
Registered as the Primary Partner Company of KIA Motors
1996 9 Joined Korea Mold Cooperative
1993 12 Introduced CAD/CAM, CNC M/C Introduction
1989 1 Registered as the Primary Partner Company of Hyundai Motors
1987 3 Established HANKUK MODEL